The Space Between In and Out

Just after a new idea hits me, I want to collect as much information about that idea as possible. I want to find images and songs and poems and books and do Tarot readings and take in as much as I can. It helps. I see what has come before me. I try to make connections. I swim around in a pool of inspiration.

But you can't take in forever. 

At some point, the breath stops and rests inside you. It is the same for creative work. It rests there, flows through your blood and bones, all that inspiration. 

But it can't stay there forever. You have to breathe it out. 

My best work comes when I keep the rhythm.  In and Out. I can refine it once it is out. Breathe it back in and back out again. The work is there - the in and the out. The muse is in that space between.

Jes Raymond