Growth Comes With A Shock

Here is a kind of uncomfortable truth. We don't get to a new place without a storm. We all know that birth involves some violence. A chick has to burst through an egg. Even a seedling has to crack and destroy the casing of its seed. 

That is the natural order. We need stillness. We need silence, and rest, and contemplation. We need the steady drip of the day to day, but we also need to recognize that we need the winter and the storms she brings. The pain of editing something we have created clears the way for the growth we need.

Perhaps our best work would not be possible without the death of our previous work. Our maybe we just need the space to see new possibilities. (Can you tell that I recently brought ALOT of stuff to the thrift store?)

I was reminded yesterday of a metaphor I heard once, about how we can let our ideas that don't work get given to bugs. Let the bugs tear them apart into little pieces and then carry them forward with you as fragments that may be just what your newest idea is looking for. Editing can hurt sometimes, but growth comes with a shock.

Jes Raymond