A New Perspective for The Day formally known as Black Friday...

I just opened my email inbox to 250 Black Friday emails. 

Luckily, I had already gone for a jog on this beautiful Seattle day and had my coffee. I was ready for the mass delete. 

We all have to make a living. I don’t judge people for sending out sales announcemnets on this fabricated consumption day. If there is one thing I know from being self employed, selling is hard and we are all a part of it and connected to it. Art is not separate from it. 

I also don’t judge people for wanting to find gifts for people that we love. We want to give someone something that makes them feel seen and known. We want something to represent our connection to them. There is love and devotion there. 

The part that is a problem is how Black Friday plays on our fears of losing out, and not our desire to be generous. It makes total sense that the day after we reflect on all that we have and what we are thankful for that we would then reflect on what we want to give. That could be a beautiful thing. 


Jes Raymond