5 Old-Time and Bluegrass Instrumental Songs to Consider Instead of Pachelbel's Canon

photo by Johanna Vogt

photo by Johanna Vogt

Pachelbel's Canon is classic and beautiful and if you really want, I will play it with joy. There are however, some really beautiful instrumentals in the Old-Time and Bluegrass Genres that work so well for processionals if you just slow them down a little! - I thought I would share some with you. 

1. Red Prairie Dawn. I LOVE this tune. Here is a version similar to how I like to play it. Slowed down just a little!

2. Cumberland Gap. Again, slow it down a little, and it is so beautiful! I play it on banjo like this.

3. Mississippi Waltz- This is a great fiddle waltz by Kenny Baker. 

4. Down In The Willow Garden. Now, the words to this song are a murder ballad, so we'll just leave those out and play it as an instrumental. 

5. Snowdrop. I just love this melody! I play it on clawhammer banjo like this. It is so great as a fiddle/banjo duet! 

There are so many beautiful melodies out there! Get beyond the usual! Your musicians will love introducing you to some of their favorites!

Jes Raymond