Guest Participation at Your Wedding ⎮ 10 Creative Ideas

Photo by  Taylor Harding  on  Unsplash

I am a huge fan of using your guests to create artistic and memorable moments at your wedding! Activities in which everyone participates really help to bond the guests at an event. Here are a few ideas to get everyone creating together. 

1. Ceremony Sing Along. Have a friend, a member of the band, or your officiant teach your guests a chorus to a well known song before you enter. Good ones to try would be - “All You Need Is Love” or “Ode to Joy” on just a la la la. Have your guests sing you out after your kiss! 

2. Use kazoos. Hand out Kazoos before the ceremony, and instead of singing, have your gusts hum-buzz a popular song- “So Happy Together”. It is good to designate a kazoo leader. 

3. Before dinner dancing- I love a before dinner group dance! Group dancing makes everyone feel just silly enough that they have to let their guard down, and also mixes people up and gets them smiling and laughing with folks they don’t know yet. This is a great time for some Square Dancing! 

4. Take a whole group photo. No exceptions, everyone in with love on their faces! 

5.Have a wearable art station. Have a station with supplies and instructions (or hire/designate someone to guide people) to make a piece of art to wear. You could have flower crowns and boutonnieres, oragami, beads for necklaces, or mask making supplies. 

6. Use Polaroid cameras to take pictures of everyone and decorate with them. 

7. Hire a henna artist to adorn people's hands, or hand out temporary tatoos. Marking ourselves makes us feel part of a tribe. 

8. Get them singing again. Have Late Night campfire sing-alongs, or some late night Karaoke. 

9. Have a Grand Parade. Have Parade materials or an art station where guests can make a ribbon wand or noisemaker. At a set time, have everyone Parade, or if you have lots of kids, let them be the parade and the adults cheer them on. 

10.  Have guests write wishes for you on paper lanterns. Have a special song or sing-along as you light them and watch them rise. 

As a musician and Artist, I love bringing more art into events to stir the spirit and bring people together. Maybe we should work together!

Jes Raymond