RISEN (tulips)

Look what has risen -

up from what seemed to be gone

color compounded.


Happy Easter! I love a good metaphor, a way to say what is hard to say with something so familiar. Holidays and the garden give me so many! I planted these tulips in fall 2016. Last year was beautiful, but everyone kept saying VT was too wet and they wouldn't come back. I got a little unconventional and put a plastic cover over them to keep them dry last summer, crossed my fingers and let them go. Here they are coming back, and with a bundle of babies for every one I planted. We don't always see what we want to see right away. Sometimes we don't know if what are trying is even working until enough time passes for the work going on underground to complete itself. Where else in our lives do we need to let something "die" in order to see it grow new again? Where else does grace give us more than we hoped for?


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