The Groove

Rhythm and repetition are the spine of poetry and music. We can find something familiar in something new because it hits us on the level of rhythm. We can sink right into it, so when we variate the rhythm, or we leave time altogether, then the return to rhythm is so much sweeter. 

Like so many things that are true when applied to art, this is also true to our lives, no? When you practice something everyday, when you show up, the routine does alot of the digging for you, and you find yourself reaching new depth. Then something disrupts that routine. It might be something great like vacation, or something not great like grief, but life happens, everything gets turned upside down and the rhythm is gone. You find yourself looking for it again, and it begins to surface and then there you are, like when the bass finally drops, back in your rhythm with new eyes, and new energy, and new bravery. 

We don't have to be virtuosic. We just have to groove. 


Jes Raymond