The Art Of Practice Part 4

The Art of Practice - Consistency, Consciousness, Curiosity, Community

When it comes to practice, it can't happen in a vacuum.

Community -

There are some key players involved. You need teachers, models and peers. If we want our practice to mean the most, we need to check in with others about how it is going. A good teacher can show us the path of least resistance. We need to spend time watching those who do what we want to do with intention. We need peers to bounce our work off and share our breakthroughs and plateaus. 

The internet makes it really easy to access videos of our favorite artists doing what they do. We can see their faces and hands. We can watch how they execute something we love over and over. Wonderful teachers have put their whole curriculum on video for us. It is more affordable and easier to access expert teachers than ever before. 

I think there needs to be a balance of online and real life mentorship, but the combination of the two lifts each of those connections higher. 



Jes Raymond