The Art Of Practice Part 3

The Art of Practice - Consistency, Consciousness, Curiosity, Community

Part 1 set a foundation of consistency in our practice. Part 2 brought our consciousness to it. Now what is this curiosity you speak of? Hmmm?

Curiosity -

You have to cultivate curiosity. (Ahh! The alliteration just won't stop!) But seriously, this one is often elusive. The more you strive for mastery, the deeper your curiosity about your practice must become.

For small children, Twinkle Twinkle is fascinating and fun. If you spend enough time with these basic songs as a child, you build a foundation on which to build more complex practice. I see alot of adult learners struggling to execute more complex ideas without the foundation. You have to work on a focused curiosity about the simplest aspects of your practice. You have to be joyful and learn to delight in the discovery. Singers need to be curious about how they speak and learn to observe themselves making sound. Curiosity keeps us light hearted and without judgement, which is important in laying down foundations without tension. 

So be curious! Find the holes in your foundation and build them up with joy and patience! Practice is a long term adventure!

Jes Raymond