More of More


One More candle: one more wish

Everybody's standing at the edge of the cliff.

Mercy, mercy, mercy agrees

We're aching for the ordinary ecstasy. 

Hey Everybody. Happy Sunday. I had a birthday last week. I always want birthdays to be a day out of time. I want the perfect day. It makes for some good reflection and dreaming, and also some dashed expectations. It is like the tension between wanting  to grow and wanting to be content with what is. The "more" that I really want is more of what I already have. More laughs. More peace. More time. More connection. The ecstasy of the ordinary. So maybe what I am really after is a better attention span. 

Thanks for reading the Sunday letter. We had a great time playing down in Club Passim last weekend- thanks to everyone who came out. Jakob and I have just finished a fiddle/banjo tune project- so stay tuned for some previews of that coming soon. 

Love and more love,


SundaysJes Raymond