A Reason

There has to be a reason to wake and rise

Poetry is good, but I should simplify-

between the words and the music that make up the line:

I can see your love and I want to show you mine.


Creativity and love are so intertwined. The desire to make something beautiful: a song, a painting, a meal, a new furniture arrangement, it all comes from that same place deep down in there, where loving and asking to be loved are rolled up into one. Wouldn't it be great to take a moment and see that place in the people we know so well? We can spend years and years making habits and a life together, but if we look for it, we'll still see something new coming from that place. Then we can turn around and see a painting from another century and feel that place in a painter who died before our grandparents were born. If you can show someone your heart, you have made art. We share that with everyone who has come before and everyone on their way. Happy Sunday.

SundaysJes Raymond