Ponder Less On More. Ponder More On Less.

Ponder less on more. Ponder more on less. 

I’d like to see some dreams go beyond the sketch.

Ponder more on less. Ponder less on more.

Use up the rainbows that I saved in all all my drawers.

Every day, clear some space. 

What could have been, begin again.

Some solitude, some sunshine, some practice, some sweat.

Ponder less on more. Ponder more on less. 


It is the first Sunday of February. Sundays seem like a good day for a love letter.

I cleaned out my studio in January. I made a pact with myself, inspired by Jakob, to not bring anything new in. I'm trying this year to just go deeper with what I already have. I want to get better at what I already do, not acquire new skills.  Do more with what I already have, not collect more to make something with. 

Constraints are calming. My baby sleeps best when he can't move his arms. I am happier and more creative when some of the possibilities are off the table and I can focus on one thing at a time. Maybe you are too? Let's take deeper breaths and wonder together. 

Love and more love, Jes


SundaysJes Raymond