Begin Again and Finish Often

Awhile back I wrote a song that we do at a lot of our shows called "I'd Wait For You".  It is about patience, but also being in that place that is not anywhere near your goal but also not the beginning. The beginning, the morning, has so much energy and potential in it. Likewise, when we can see the finish line, we can find a final push of energy and motivation that we didn't know we had.

Then there is the vast space between those places, where we wander and slog. 

Sometimes, we need to begin again, to give ourselves the chance to feel that spark that ignites the dedication. Give ourselves the chance to make the decision to start, to run, to make ourselves into the people who do what we are dreaming of. There is a power every time we begin the daily cultivation of that person.

After a fresh start, we can put a finish line close enough to see it. It may not be THE finish line, but it can be A finish lineIt won't be the grandstand with the cheering crowds for every one, but if we put them closer to our starting lines, We can get more quickly from the push of the start to the pull of the finish. Add a years worth of those together, and the wander and slog of the long game will be much more fun. 


Jes Raymond