Jes Raymond

& The Blackberry Bushes

Thanks for the love everyone! I'll be back with my next series in the spring!

The Instrument Collection 2015

50% of the Profits from the online sales of The Instrument Collection 2015 will be used to finance the projects of other artists/entrepreneurs. I will be doing this through KIVA, a non-profit with a 4 star rating that empowers people to allieviate poverty through micro-lending programs. I believe in the power of the 99% to lift each other up. 

I love Beauty.


Meraki is a Greek word that means to do something with love and leave a piece of yourself in your work. Meraki is my genuine goal with every piece of jewelry I make. I make jewelry for people who value wearing something that comes directly from an artist to them. I make jewelry to bring out the inner light. I make jewelry for people who know they are an important part of something much bigger than themselves. I make jewelry to support the growth of beauty, consciousness and kindness in the world today.


I have a Vision

I want to believe that my work can do something that matters in the world. A few times a year, I offer my jewelry online. It is available for a limited time, and then I make and deliver the pieces in one big go. I then use 50% of my profits to finance the dreams of another artist/entrepreneur or to support a charity organization. 


This lets me focus on the art of creating new beautiful pieces. I love that. I get the freedom of a wholesale type of schedule, which works for me and my touring schedule. 


This lets me offer my work to the people who will actually wear it at more affordable prices. I want people to feel totally psyched that they get something beautiful, support an independent artist, and support the work of a charity that needs them.


Someone else doing really awesome work in the world gets some funding that they need. Wicked Awesome.