This Modern acoustic group pairs a love for traditional genius with innovative instincts. The result is a fresh, cohesive catalog of music distinguished by playful twang, artful arrangements, and tight, thick harmonies.
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The best country folk warble since Victoria Williams
— Yakima Herald

Jes Raymond writes and sings songs that connect the day to day with the muses of wonder and myth.


 "The Blackberry Bushes" is the collective centered around those songs and her long time collaboration with fiddler Jakob Breitbach. Together, They fall somewhere between Stevie Nicks, Gillian Welch, and The Infamous Stringdusters. Jes and The Bushes draw from the deep well of American Roots music for a modern sound that has a light-hearted rusticity, elegance, and soul. 



 The Bushes have that rare magic that allows them to fuse voices from many genres into an acoustic instrumentation that retains distinct threads of sonic color. They are emerging as artists with an obvious love of performing, spot on chemistry, and a live show that truly aims to stir the spirit.  Backed by a rotating cast of talented believers, they simultaneously honor the genius of tradition and innovation. Elements of jazz, classical, pop, gospel, and bluegrass saturate the sound that is buoyant, bold, and like their thorny namesake, rooted and growing, growing, growing.